Thursday, November 10, 2011

You are welcome.......

We will have a little christmas market at our home again this year and we are already busy preparing. The girls made lots of pretty drawings that I will try to put on screen today so I can print their own fabric and they can make some pretty things to sell. As time goes so fast i did not make an official invitation but i think this drawing Sofia made is perfect. So if you like  you are very welcome to come to visit our little christmas market, we have some lovely handmade products, hot chocolate, homemade cookies and I'll be also selling coupons of pretty fabrics (silk, taft, cotton), vintage ribbons& buttons, craft books and old collections.

handmade christmas market
27 november
For all of you who like to come but are just to far away, Sofia and Mila will open a very small online shop for the holidays very soon!

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Anabelle said...

Such a lovely drawing, she definitely has talent. I wish I could come to your Christmas market, but I'm a little to far :(