Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back again

Holiday is over, the kids started school again and now it's time for me to start work again. I really enjoyed my holiday and being offline felt pretty good too. We spend two weeks in this lovely little house very near Saumur, such a great house with a lovely big garden with our own cave...including our own bats, surrounded by beautifull nature and lots of pretty castles. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, I will slowly start blogging again and opend my etsy shop again.


Knoopjes said...

Mooi huisje inderdaad!
Fijn dat je er weer bent!

Tracey said...

Looks lovely glad you had fun!

Juniper said...

Welcome back. What an enchanting looking house! Sounds like a very nice holiday. We still have a month left of summer holidays here, sigh summer feels never ending.

MUS said...

...even slikken? ;)

wat een prachtig huisje waar jullie verbleven!

Suus Geniet said...

Oe la la dat ziet er fijn uit! Welkom thuis!