Monday, June 27, 2011

Paris, Paris et Merci!!

We are back from Paris, we had such a great time. The weather was great, sunny and warm and it felt like a real holiday. It was so nice to go on this mother-daughter trip, spending quality time together, seeing Paris through her eyes. Normally when I go to Paris alone I run around and don't take time to sit in parcs and eat macarons, visit the pet shops watching cute puppies and kittens and eat ice creams. We did some ( sale)shopping and I took some pictures of cute boutiques to post on my Paris blog and spend some time with my friends Maud and Marine.


Thanks for all the comments on my 5 year blog birthday, I still haven't read them all and you can still comment, I will pick the winner on thursday the 30th



Posie Patchwork said...

Oh la la, c'est bon. What a fabulous trip & fun adventure, love Posie

livvit said...

You have captured and created such a real essence of Paris...inspires me to go. vi

Iris said...

Mooie sfeerplaatjes en knappe dochter!

Wylie said...

I love your blog. Your children are beautiful, and your designs are wonderful. I especially love their little playhouse. So magical!

mon petit enfant said...

tres bien! a lovely trip:)