Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We really enjoyed our lazy long weekend, after a very busy saturday. Sofia's party went great, first our livingroom was changed into a sewing cafe and filled with ten girls dressed in black/white and red and eager to learn some sewing skills. They all made a skirt of gigham fabric and ate icecream, cakes and button cookies. A big thanks to my sweet mum who was a big help with the girls and the sewing machine, I could not have done it without you, big kiss! I heard back of some of the parents that their daughters came back home with a sewing bug ( that is a good thing right!! you can read here). In the evening we continued the party with friend and family. I took lots of photos that I want to share with you an other time.


On Thursday there was a package for Sofia in the mail from Rozaline from Mondaysmilk, in the package where these lovely fabrics for Sofia, what a great way to start a fabric collection don't you think! If you like the fabrics you can find them here online or even better get them at the Open shop this saturday go here for more details.

The coat is made by Rozaline with Nani Iro fabric for a I love Paris doll


MondaysMilk said...

Wow dank voor de 'plek'! Fijn dat het zo'n succes was, kon me eerlijk gezegd ook niet anders voorstellen...

Unni Strand said...

I think it's such a great idea to do some sewing in a birthday party!
It wouldn't do with skirts if we should do that in my daughters party though. I guess the boys would be annoyed. I will have to find something else... And maybe wait a couple of years.
Thank you for sharing your good ideas!