Monday, May 09, 2011

Souvenirs de Paris totebag

This morning in the supermarket I noticed how many people use a lot of those small (free) plasticbags, I really can't understand it! I have always at least two cotton bags in my bag for my shopping and think more people should stop using plastic bags or at least use less. With this in mind I've made some new Paris totebags for my shop, they come in a small cotton pocket.


LA Love said...

I totally agree! Als iedereen op die manier zijn steentje eens een beetje zou bijdragen zou het al zoveel schelen!

Mooie tas zeg!

Bianca said...

I always thought that in holland most people brought their own bags or used boxes (maybe just in the town I grew up in). The plastic bags are the worst, they break instantly. Here in Australia everyone uses them, very sad. I have an eco-tote, it rolls up so I can put it in my handbag, it always comes with me :)

julia said...

I know, the same for me! I just got this one:[cat]=Accessoires&tx_prusseliseshop_pi2[page]=11&cHash=0599e45915
I love the little fox.
Really like your bags, too, they would math perfectly the rabbit I got from you ;)