Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KCWC day 1 & 2

KCWC started this monday, I had a bit of a slow start because there is so much I need to do and finish. I sewed this short for Sofia, it's made of red linnen and I added some of my screenprinted Kokeshi fabric for the inside of the pockets. It's the first ever short I made and I think it turned out quite nice and Sofia is happy with her Fashion must have for this summer!! Trying to get back to the sewing machine tonight and sew up a top or dress for Mila.


MUS said...

oh wat leuk!
enne mooi bij pippa's romper ;)

ps leuke foto ook van sofia!

Ilaria Chiaratti said...

Lovely!! You're really good! ;-)

Astrid said...

I love it! Fabulous detail on the pockets. Well done!

la casita said...

well done, it's so lovely.
I just finished a pair of bloomers but for this evening I'm done...too tired!
good luck with the top, keep it up!

Agata said...

Looks great! I like the color too!
Can I have some DIV set? ;-)
I'm just trying to do some shorts for my boys, for this summer,also for the firs time :-D

well-crafted said...

Very cute! What’s the pattern? I like the shape of the pockets.

lichtblauwgrijs said...

ik vind de mee-reizigers erg leuk!

Petra said...

Hoi Erika,
Wat leuk om je vanmiddag ontmoet te hebben op de Swan Market. Kon ik je dolls in het echt eens bewonderen. Ik heb een zakje met verschillende stofjes bij je gekocht. Geweldige prints, daar kan ik wat mee. Ik ga de stofjes gebruiken om er knuffels van te maken.Je gaf me een tip om bv een speldenkussentje te maken. Ga ik zeker met mijn dochter doen.
Groetjes, Petra

Juniper said...

Well done, the are very sweet shorts and I love the detail on the inside of the pockets!