Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring colours

Lots of sun in our garden, a perfect moment for taking some pictures of the colourful object the girls and their friends created in their holiday. They will be selling these at a fondraising day at their school to collect money for children in Sierra Leone working in the diamond inustry. I helped out a bit with ideas and sewing the bags (old table cloths) but they did most of it themselves!! I think and hope they will raise a nice amount, the market is at the end of the month and of course I will keep you posted on their succes!
We collected glass jars and filled them with colourful craft materials and they decorated them with fabric tape.
The bags we made of old tablecloths, the handles are made by the girls out of fabric strips, we found this idea at the very pretty and creative blog Cakies


Anne said...

love these colors.! Makes me happy!

Maca said...

lovely!!! so colorfull
i'm looking foward to see mila's party decor with those!!