Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look what I found!

Sometime ago I visited a local secondhand store with Mila and looking for vintage bird things and look what we found, a really nice wooden sewingbox on wheels. The box was filled with a lot of junk but also some intresting things. The box needs some work and perhaps some paint to.


charlotte said...

I love the sewingbox !

teri said...

oh that is beautiful. painting it would be nice - but so would leaving it as is!

Anonymous said...

hoi, ik had eerder gevraagd maar je antwoord gemist, welke zaak ga je? woon zelf ook in rdam en ben gek op 2e hands spullen, hopelijk hoor ik van je, anders kan je me ook mailen:
heel erg bedankt
trouwens coole blog, leuke spullen, had ik maar meisjes