Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New coat for Sofia

This morning I finished the new coat for Sofia, I did most of the cutting and sewing on sunday while the girls where playing with their new toys they got from Sinterklaas and just had to add buttons. I consinder myself to be a good sewer but some things I still find a little bit tricky, like making holes for buttons, so I decided to cheat a little bit and use snap buttons in combination whith a real button. The coat is lined with a floral cotton and has two inside pockets. Sofia is very pleased with the result and so I'm I. Now she can walk the streets of Paris in style.....


for the who wants to know I used the pattern from the Check &Stripe standard book( ISBN 978-4-418-07403-7) and added the hood from a pattern for a womens coat from the Check& Stripe Parisian style book (ISBN 978-4-08-780485-0)

I love Japanese sewing books!!


diplodoc said...

It looks great!! You are an artist!

madebykilljoy said...

I adore japanese sewing books too! I make quite a few of clothes from them.
I have finished my ornaments and will be sending them off tomorrow. I'm glad you like my little birds - your bunnies are adorable. And that snow is amazing!