Saturday, October 02, 2010

An other sewing box

I hope that you are not bored by all the sewing kits we are making, the girls just have so many birthday parties to go to and we think it's a fun gift. Of course we try to make each kit special and diffrent, this time I thought it would be nice to use a doll head as a pin cushion, the felt needle book is simple to make and with the felt flowers they make a nice pair I think.


Where My Heart Is said...

Erika I really like the idea of the doll head pin cushion. Looks really cute! My girls have received sewing kits for their birthdays and I think it is a really nice present.

Misha Lulu said...

This is a very useful and fun gift!
They are great! as anything you do!

Juniper said...

What a fun little gift to give, well done!

Maca said...

Erika! hi!!
i've been visiting you for a while, but i've never pot a comment.
I love your dolls and your sewing kits are beautifull. I'ts a grate idea!
And your daughters playing house.... so cute!
Kissis from south america an sorry for my poor english!