Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet gifts and a little film

Today I the girls spoiled me with these lovely drawings and a jummie breakfast with croissants and sweet kisses, I don't know a better way to celebrate my birthday ;-)

A few weekends ago Mila and Sofia made a small animation at the Welkom thuis festival, they love making these and I love looking at them, I hope there will be many more. Their bit is almost at the end (2.30 min) with the dog and the ball. I think the drawing with the foxes would be great to make into an animation, I saw this link at dos family to make your own stopmotion film how cool is that.


OrangeFarmhouse said...

So sweat! Congrats and enjoy your birthday!

Daan said...

Happy Birtday!!! Wat een lief kado!
(ik vier vandaag ook mijn verjaardag :-) )

MUS said...

hieerdepiep zo lief! van harte erika!
fijne dag vandaag.

MUS said...
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MasaMiho+NaoMiho said...

happy birthday dear erika!!!

lovely animation! i like!

have a happy week:

Fernanda said...

Happy birthday!

Tomorrow it will be my turn, and my daughter made me something to offer me, a few days ago. Am eager to see what it is, as she's a very creative girl.

Enjoy your day!

Lucy Patterson HANDS-ON said...

Happy Birthday Erika! I hope you've had a really lovely day. The girls' Fantastic Mr Fox drawings are...well, fantastic! I love them! : )

Lucy x

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Happy Birthday Erika - and what a wonderful present! Lovely video, made me smile:)

isabelle said...

Happy Day to you (and thanks for your compliments about Lou's birthday party !!)

mon petit enfant said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you Erika!
May you be spoilt with love:)

elisa rathje said...

i love that!! my little girls they will love watching these. they make flash animations with us every winter, but i bet they'd love to do stop motion as well. if you like you can see their's here:

happy birthday!

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