Friday, June 18, 2010

reason for my non-blogging

Not such a pretty picture, but this will be my new workroom/atelier,it's the old room of Sofia and Mila, we first thought to have it as our bedroom but after a few weeks sleeping there it just didn't feel right we decided to create some more work and change rooms, so my old workroom/his study will be our new bedroom plus desk for the computer, Sofia and mila have our old bedroom and their old bedroom becomes my new workroom. This is all very nice and I'm very happy to have my own room, it creates a lot of work. I've been so busy stripping wall paper and painting but hope to have some more time next week to start moving stuff and creating nice little corners to take pretty pictures and show it to you.....


Lucy Patterson :: HANDS-ON said...

Good luck with all your moving, Erika! It's always soo much work, isn't it? But so worth it! I can't wait to see your beautiful new, creative work space. I'd been missing your blogs and hoping you were doing ok. Nice to have you back!
: )

Lots of love
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

You took down all the beautiful in-build furniture in the kids room? Wow! But you will certainly make new wonderful spaces for all of you!
Good luck with everything!

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