Sunday, May 16, 2010

A little holiday and day 7 of the kids clothes week

We are back home, we spend some time with family in Zeeland in a cottage near the sea. We went there by train, ferry and the last 10 kilometres by bike ( Sofia and Mila too). The other day we made a bike tour along the sea of about 20 km and the girls where amazing, I'm so proud of them, not complaining and being very cool! I think we will go on biking holidays from now on ;-)


The morning just before we left I managed to finish two more wrap dresses and took them with me in the train to cut all the threads....and so the girls got to wear their new dresses. I made a red flower wrap dress for Sofia with green bias tape and it looks so good on her don't you think. I will try to make a picture tomorrow of the dress I made for Mila.


vlijtig said...

Wat een fleurig jurkje! Waar heb je het patroontje uiteindelijk gevonden? Ik zou voor mijn dames ook graag zulke mooie 'kleedjes' maken. Groet.

Anonymous said...

Before I get to old and decrepit I want to go on a biking holiday!

Juniper said...

Oh what a nice sounding trip and on bikes! I so look forward to the day I can go on a little biking adventure with my little ones! Well done to your girls 20 km is no small distance!

Elina en Daniel said...

Hoi Erika,
je had mijn mailadres niet, dus bij deze:
Voor dezelfde vraag als 'Vlijtig': hoe meer jurkjes ik zie, hoe leuker ik ze vind!
Groet, Annemarieke

MUS said...

oh je was in de buurt! de volgende keer gewoon even aanbellen hoor ;)

en leuk dat ze nu lekker mee kunnen fietsen!