Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making souvenirs

One of the activities of the party was to make Paris souvenirs, they made their own snowglobe with glitters and stickers ( see here for an how to make one) and they also decorated keychains with eiffel tours, ribbon and mini-macarons.


Leililaloo said...

I looove this! What a great and CUTE idea to make snowglobes. I have to remember to do this with my daughter when she will be old enough. Maybe at her fifth birtday...Thanks for sharing.

HomemadeHappinessNL said...


I have roundavout 23 empty jars (with lids!) in my closet, so that will be a nice craft to do with Lena some time soon... Thanks for the inspiration!

helen rawlinson said...

What a brilliant idea! Love all your Paris stuff too.