Thursday, July 30, 2009

New fabric sets

I have made some new fabric remnants pack for the shop, I really enjoy making these, putting diffrent and colours and prints together is so much fun, if you like them you can find them here.


kristina * said...

so pretty! really funky prints...

ni said...

I used to make and sell clothes out of recycled material, and silkscreened some nice messages on them. I still have all my screens and I want to find someone to use them...
They are presciuos to me but I know I won't use them anymore.
You can see some of the results here:
But the pictures aren't the best!
I would like to know if you would be interested in those I could sell them to you for a great price.
Let me know soon, I am contacting 3-4 persons (only people whom I really like the energy!) with this same proposal... Cleaning time!
You can contact me directly here:
Have a magnificient day!

Mulot said...

Beautiful and really cute ! Your pictures are so lovely ! A Nice pretty blog !

snitch-snotch said...

How beautiful. I only just found your blog and I'm thrilled... it happened at just the moment I have a cold glass of wine in my hand and my little one has nodded off to sleep!

mimidou said...

so beautiful all these fabrics !!!