Saturday, June 13, 2009

Frida Give away

I had so much fun planning and crafting for Sofia's Frida Kahlo party, I'm very happy how everything looked and most importantly Sofia ( and friends) were very pleased with the results. To thank you all for the sweet and supportive comments I have a little give away for you to share our party fun.
What to do : leave a comment and tell me what you liked best about the party and what theme we should do next ( you know I'm already thinking about Mila's birthday.....)
Winner will be announced :on saturday morning the 20th of June......
enjoy your weekend


Anonymous said...

Hello! I loved everything about the party, but my favorite things were the skirts you made your girls and the portraits of Frida that the party-goers made...

Next party? How about Pippi Longstocking? I've always wanted to do that. Not as educational as Frida, maybe, but still fun!

Love your blog. I'll be reading it all this morning!

Stephanie said...


I love the Frida-drawing made by Sofia and the orange skirt (I´m thinking about sewing one for myself now). Next party-theme? I also love Pippi Langstrumpf (so it´s called in Germany) but maybe Japan as theme (making sushi, eating with stäbchen, wear a japanese dress) would also be nice.
Have a great week


Ashley S. P. said...

The clothes! The headbands! Just the colors! What a fantastic party.

What can possibly follow a Frida party?

Georgia O'Keefe maybe? =D

Simone said...

I think the invitation card was great! The blue, painted background and all the flowers! And ofcourse Sofia's drawing is beautiful!
The theme for a next B-day party...cow-grils, since the girls are in love with horses!

Or gipsies (zigeuners) now you have such a wonderful roulotte!

Simone said...

cow-girls! instead of grils...

vlijtig said...

What I like most is the fact that the theme is in every aspect of the birthday: A frida-present, frida-handouts for school, frida-clothes etc.

I was thinking about a tea-party for the next birthday. But I'm also following the comments to see what others come up with. Special themes are hard to find.

tantehilde said...

Gewoon het idee: een frida kahlo party! Hoe origineel!! Het allermooist vond ik wel de verjaardagskado-doos met de tekening van zusje aan de binnenkant, zo lieef!

susan said...

Ik vind alles mooi wat je gemaakt hebt, van de Frida collectie. Helemaal "the invitation". Wauw Frida Kahlo lives in that little girl.
So next thema..tata TA TAAA.
HEIDI OP DE PRAIRIE echt MILA lijkt op haar..

With love

susan said...

Ik weet een veel betere Alice in wonderland of The wizard of oz
ook mooi!

With love

MUS said...

prachtige uitnodiging, de portretten, de decoratie (leuk die fridapop). zelfs de taart was frida!
volgend feest egyptisch of hawaiaans (incl elvis ;-))?

en ze werd hier ook al 2x genoemd, maar een theekransje met pippi lijkt me leuk voor hier (maar ze moet eerst nog maar eens 3 worden)

Anonymous said...

I think that i liked the goodie bags the most. Not only the print on the bag, but also the little colouring books and pencils. Such a lovely memento of the party!

It would be difficult to follow this theme. Perhaps a patchwork or sewing party (guessing from the little sewing box)? It has lots of possibilities for paper patchwork or prints and so on.

Margie Oomen said...

I love the headbands and photographs of all the little frida's best.
How about a quilting bee with the children sewing little quilts for their dolls and fabric, sewing notions and little bumblebee decorations.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Spain. Absolute lovely everything. Most of all, the pinata!
My little girl is do fond of Pippi Calzaslargas I have to vote for her. What about saving birthday party photos for a Calendar which will keep the memory of the partu the whole year round?

lynne said...

Oh my word!! This is the BEST party ever!!! I love Sofia's drawing of Frida and also the darling photos of the girls, all dressed like Frida. What an incredible idea!! I'm going to be thinking about this for a long time!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Erika, at long last I can share with you photos of the Frida party we had for my daughter last year... it retrospect there was a lot I would do differently since it ended up being quite chaotic during the actual event. But we did have a great deal of fun!!!

My next party will be a much more "relaxed" affair- Little Men & Little Miss for my 4 year old twins next month...totally outsourcing this one- my only creative involvement this time will be the invites, some upcylcling on the Tshirts that the girls will wear and the cakes. I am in the process of beginning my own little blog about life as we know it... I'll come back with a bloglink when it is ready to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erika
It doesn't seem as if the link worked but I have managed to add the Flickr to my bloginprogress,
it's called Bearbooandyumyum. maybe you can find it with google?

Sanni said...

such a creative idea i dont know any 8years olds who know who Frida Kahlo is let alone do a birthday theme party. I like the coloring page with Sofia's drawing that the kids could color also the chips bags w same drawing