Wednesday, June 11, 2008

kids corners

The 'kitchen' is a little corner in our kitchen, the girls love playing here, we constructed it with some old shelves, cd unit and second hand drawers I painted.

Most of the kitchen toys are from the Hema

This is the girls bedroom, it is a small space so we tried tomake most out of it by building everything ourself. Both the girls have their own little house that they can close with a curtain, build in are a closet and doll(barbie) house.

Melissa of Kidshaus asked me for some pictures of "kids corners" for her blog, so after some tidying up and some help from Mila, this is what it looks like.....


amy said...

i want corners like that!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely kitchen!!!!
are all these colours painted by yourself or do they come like that???
wonderful colours, too.

Meridian Ariel said...

wow absoloutly fab kitchen! love the secondhand painted chest of drawers. brilliant!

6mone said...

Oh I like the kids' corner and the fabric is so cute!