Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yeeeehhh ....2 Years Blog Birthday give away

Two years ago I started my blog, the first post in dutch, than I started to write in english. I'm so happy to have this blog and meet so many talented and sweet people. I would love to know you all, so I will have a little give- away.

Leave a comment and tell me something about you, where are you from, what is your passion, how did you find my blog and what would you like to see/read here the next two years!

For one of you I have a Mikodesign package, the girls will pick a 'winner' next week on monday 31th march.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog it means a lot to me!


Hollabee said...

Hoera, 2 jaar! Well..something about me..I'm a 25 year old Dutch girl who moved across the world and settled down in Melbourne, Australia. Here I figured out that I needed a creative outlet from my boring day job and started printing my passion (graphic design) on textiles..the rest is history.
I think I found your blog through Aunty Cookie's one, but not quite sure. In the next two years I'd like to see more birthdays, dutch goodies and more of your fantastic creations. Veel plezier in Parijs!

Mette said...

Congratulations! It's great being a blogger, isn't it....?! Have a great day, Mette

leslie said...

i'm leslie. a canadian living in japan. my second home. thanks to the lovely japanese fella i married. i found you via mi (little bird designs). she bought one of your great little underwear sets. and then i think you bought something from me. it's a small world. this creative blogging thing. i love it. the next two years - i'd love to see more of your culture and more of your designs.

Katy said...

I got my fabric yesterday - it is truly beautiful! I found you on etsy when I was searching for some screenprinted fabric, I admired it for ages until I had some pennies in my bank to buy some....then I stopped by your blog, and also on flickr too (I am not a stalker - honestly!!!)
I am in Yorkshire, in the UK, in the rain making dolls to keep me busy and to stop my brain from turning into mush!
Over the next 2 years...I'd like to see dinosaur fabric...definitely more birthday parties....just more of the same!!!

eBirdie said...

I found your blog recently - I think it was something having to do with Mila, actually. I have a daughter named Mila as well and I was searching for a photo on Flickr and I think YOUR Mila popped up in the results and somehow led me here.

Anyway, I'm Robin. I live with my husband and my daughter near Chicago, Illinois. I like to knit, sew, quilt, decorate. I've enjoyed reading about your projects and I love your little printed children's clothes on etsy. Looking forward to reading more - it's inspiring!

Bunny B said...

Congrats on your 2nd bloggiversary! :) I just stumbled upon your blog, I think through a search on google. Wonders of google. I love it! Am def subscribing to your blog.

Oh, and I'm from Asia :)

kirsten said...

congratulations! i can't pass up this opportunity! ;)

i loved your stuff for your daughter's alice party - so amazing!

sally said...

I can't remember how I found your blog but I have enjoyed reading it. I'm 29 and live in Idaho - that's located in northwest of the US. Most people confuse Idaho with Iowa. I would just love to read as much as I can on your blog about your crafts. I get so much inspiration from other crafters. Thanks for sharing your blog.

Hurrayic said...

Congratulations on your blog birthday! I just found your blog via Kisskus. What a find. I love textiles. Am looking forward to reading more of your blog and seeing more of your designs. I used to be a New Englander but we've recently moved to a new area of the US, a textile design major (but hardly used my skills for a paying job - ugh!). In terms of what I'd like to see? Hmmm...too early to tell...I suppose what you've been doing all along - sharing family and creative things with others.

Freshly Found said...

Hi Mika! Congrats on 2 years! I am already lucky enough to have received something from you before! All the best for Paris - you lucky girl!

mama ilse said...

Proficiat !!

This is just my first visit on your blog, and I'm alreayd joining a give away, wauw!.

I'm a Belgian mother of three and I love to sew, knit and crochet. We love the nature table and we follow the circle of the year with festivals and the seasons.

What I like to see more, well i'm still reading and discovering, but I sure LOVE your Matrouschkas....


Claudia said...

I just found you because you picked one of my photo on Flickr (favorite) and I'm so happy that you did because I really like your blog and your work is beautiful. I'm in love with your super cute owl design. I will be back :)Happy bloggiversary

Anonymous said...

Aren't we all lucky to have come across your blog...such inspiration. I came upon your blog through another blog, and I got lucky. I love checking back to see great things and beautiful pictures of your girls.

Congrats on two years. Happy blog anniversary. Keep up all the great work, and here's to two more years


Miho Sakato said...

i am very happy because i can met 'you'!

by the way..(about me)
my 'New sticker' completed!
i send you it soon.


marie said...

i love your designs (i especially liked the robot printing and all the sweet drawings!) starting out hopefully making textiles and patterns, ive just done fine art print, and i love simple patterns and visiting to see what you are all up you make your dreams and ideas real ;)

Robin said...

I found your blog looking for directions on using Japanese clothing patterns - LOL - still not sure how you popped up, but I fell in love with your vibrant pictures, beautiful fabrics and your bicycle. I have a Dutch bike that I absolutely love and ride about my small upstate New York village through rain, snow, and sunshine. Frequently, older people tell me that their mother, grandmother, or spinster aunt had a bike like mine and smile fondly, though my little one's bike seat adds a definite 21st century accent to the lines.

I've so enjoyed reading about your family and your craft - thank you for sharing.

Robin - RURAL upstate New York

amy said...

happy anniversary! i live in atlanta. i am married with two children (a boy and a girl). i found your blog by you commenting on mine once (thank you!) i have been reading yours ever since. sewing and knitting are my main passions, but i love all crafts. i hope to see more of your designs and projects in the future. they are very inspiring.

Oliver Rain said...

I think I found your blog because you left a comment on mine! I expect to be "visiting" you often. I'm in Canada and married with one daughter. I'm training to be a nurse, but crafting is my true passion. I thought I only had one project in the works, but I discover about 4 or 5 when I tidied up my project basket today! It drives my husband crazy.

Congratulations on your anniversary.