Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alice in wonderland

Mila's 5th birthday will be in about a month and she will have an Alice in Wonderland themed party. We already started thrifting teacups for our tea. Go and see this Alice film from 1903.


marie said...

oh that sounds brilliant!

Julie Yülle said...

Hi, Erika! Gaspard is also waiting for is 5th birthday, and I'm looking for an idea for the cake... Maybe I'm going to spy on your blog!!!
Anyway, My "blog-boutique" is open! Tell me your felling about it, please, especially is you think it's not good!
There is a link on my page.

dottydesigns said...

oh that took me back, I had an alice in Wonderland party when I was small, I remember my mum iced biscuits with 10/6 on them like the madhatters hat and a dormouse in the teapot. hope she has a good time x