Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Babushka crazy

screenprinted goodie bags

Today was a great day, we had a kids babushka christmas party in gallery kunstwerk Spangen, this was a try out party because we want to offer birthday parties and kids workshops in the gallery, so we could take pictures etc.. for the website.
I had so much fun preparing this party, I made babushka screen prints for goodie bags and stickers and also made some badges. The party itself was great, lovely children, they did such a good job as you can see on the pictures, they where so busy that they did not notice the cookies on the table……

babushka screenprints

cookies and drinks
some of the babushkas made by the children


Julie Yülle said...

Beautiful! I wish Gaspard's teachers had been as creative as you are!

CrazyPillow said...

Are you Russian by the chance?