Monday, September 24, 2007

Give Away!!

I'm in busy printing some of my new prints for this busy season that is coming, these prints are the first, one with stars and the other one with cats that are rotated to form a sort of flower shape. I can not decide for a name for them so I thought you could help me out, come up with some nice/funky/lovely names for these prints and the one I will pick receives a surprise package with these fabrics.
oh sorry I forget to ad that the 2 oktober I will pick the winner!


mme zig said...

But may be the french-joke is not so lovely...
For the other one, "no idea, but..."

See you, mme zig

Miho Sakato said...

how lovely prints!

ps..miko and miho It is alike^^;)

miho (sakato design)

Freshly Found said...

Your prints look lovely. How about ...
Star Stash!