Wednesday, June 20, 2007

deers, boats, sun and liberty fabric

Today the weather was just great, the children had a short day of school so we had some time to go out and enjoy the weather. We went out with the bike and took a tour to the park, where we gave some bread to the deers and see the small sailboats, then we (I ) biked next to the river and see the big boats, today there was a big cruiser 'the grand princess' this is impressive, I love living in rotterdam on days of boats and sunshine...

Sofia in her new blouse I made of liberty fabric

Mila, wearing a petit pan hat, she got as a present from Maud from Paris and wearing a DPAM dress I bought in paris last summer.

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Maud said...

Hi !
All these pictures remember me our fantastic holidays in Rotterdam...
I really loved it.
Very cute pink pants for Sofia !!!