Friday, March 23, 2007

oh la la Paris

Last weekend I was in Paris for our 'vente privee' at the house of maud and eduard, I was so busy that I didn't find the time to blog all these lovely pictures and tell you what a great time we had. First things first, thursday night I arrived in Paris, so after breakfast with the lovely Adele and Carmen, I went shopping. My first adres Bookoff, yes a Japanese, I found some nice books but not the ones I was looking for but then I found out that there was an other Japanese bookstore, walking distance so i guess it was my lucky day.....This bookstore was big and lovely and it was hard and difficult to choose, but I will return. So the rest of the day I did some essential shopping (is it not always), some summer coats for the girls, and some nice textiles. After a long day walking, happy to be 'home' and finiallly meet Marine. After a long night ironing all the clothes etc... saturday, the day of the sale. Putting everything in place,talking to marine, pricing the items, and taking pictures. Around 13.00 when we just finished or delicious sanwiches ( thanks ed!!) the first people came in. The day was great, meeting lots of people, talking to marine, eating the lovely cookies ( thanks ed!!) and of course we where also selling, we got great feed-back of the people. After clearing the rooms and packing the things we had a family meal, very tired but really happy. Sunday I visited the local market near bastille for some french cheese and bread, and after luch we (maud and I) went to 'des filles en aiguille', by bike. This was a great trip, but Iwas veery happy to be home. Thanks a lot to Maud and Eduard to make this possible!!! un grand merci a vous!!

Adele a Paris, showing her new MIKODESIGN dress

Marine and I made a mix presentation, some baby clothes of Marine and some bags of me

The bed of carmen we used to show my 'doudou', bags and others

The livingroom weused for the bags, totes, women/man clothes

a rack of the lovely clothes that Marine made, i loved the purple dress but it was to bigfor sofia.

Marine let me choose something for Sofia and Mila, I choose the skirt at the left for Sofia.

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