Thursday, February 08, 2007

Japanese dotty dress

I finally made a start with making some of the patterns from the lovely Japanese book on girls clothes Sasha had send me. I really love the book, it took some efford to know how it all works(my japanese is not what it used to be!), in fact it's rather simple, they use variations on a few patterns, here are some photo's of the first results, both Sofia and Mila wanted to try it on. I really like the result, it's easy to put on, no straps or buttons, and the girls like it. I have a few half meters of liberty waiting that I saved for a good pattern, I guess I found it. Thanks Sasha for this inspiration.


Sasha said...

Oh yay, that dress looks great, and don't you love the gathered pocket?!?!

Melly & me said...

This looks oh so very cute!!!