Sunday, February 04, 2007

colours in our home

I love making things for children, because when I create for
children I dare to use more colours and use them in diffrent
This is the room of sofia and Mila, quite small, so we had to
come up with a good plan.
My hubbie and I designed and made to houses for the girls,
with beds, shelves, windows, doorway and a tworoom appartment
for barbie & co.
For the curtains I used old fabric from my grandmother (she is
from Hungaria) and used the colours for inspiration.
On the other wall we put photo wallpaper of a forrest.

This is a part of the 'girls kitchen', made of some shelves and a
old cd-rack,I could not resist the wooden tea-bags , eggs and
even wooden cookies.


Sara said...

The colours are beautiful! What a great idea to make two 'houses'. I have two daughters and can just imagine how much your children would love a space like that. The wooden eggs and cake are too cute!


Schizzo di colore said...

It's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!