Wednesday, November 15, 2006

swap with malene

It feels like christmas,easter and my birthday, today my
swap with Malene from denmark arrived.
Oh what a lovely pakkage it was, beautifully wrapped,
so many things to see.
the girls where so excited i could barely make a picture.
I don't know whati liked best, i really loved the name tags,
the skirts for the girls, things for cookie making (i do love rice)
the wrappingpaper, a nice magazine, a very cute box with tea,
candy and very nice danish christmas decoration.
Malene you made me and the girls so happy, can't wait to do another
swap very soon.

look how beautifull everything looks

Mila and sofia could not wait to put on their new skirts

Sofia and Mila adore their new cushions

I absolutely love the christmas decoration

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